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Board of Advisors

Since January 1st 2020 we have stopped accepting new business members in order to support the Goldfield Chamber of Commerce. We are a 100% board membership base business association. All founds go to support our Board of Advisors goals for Esmeralda County and Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins who is running for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada for 2022. Reminder all Board…

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Esmeralda County Nevada Chamber of Commerce

Our Mission – Business First in Esmeralda County, Nevada… Enhancing our local communities one at a time in greater Esmeralda County, NV. Esmeralda County Nevada Chamber of Commerce is becoming known around our State, Nation and Worldwide for business development, community leaders and events… Our goal is to provide services in all of our communities around Esmeralda County, NV with our…

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